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Penilaian Prestasi Akademik UNIMAS - Pindaan Penerbitan 2023
Berikut adalah kriteria terkini (bermula 2023) untuk mendapat cemerlang dalam SKT/LNPT bagi pegawai akademik.  Penilaian Prestasi Akademik – Pindaan Penerbitan 2023 Email makluman
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Final year projects (FYP)
Hi all! If you’re interested in the project listed below, please get in touch with me through wassap. Thanks. The project usually would involve CAD design and assembly using Solidworks Machining...
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Master's Thesis: PDF samples
I am pleased to share PDF theses of my students. I hope you find them useful for your research and academic endeavors. Fahizan Mahmud (graduated 2020) Kaveh Moghadasi Koohi (graduated 2020) Farhana...
Manuscript Rejection - Stubbornness Paid Off
Manuscript rejection by a journal is a common and integral part of the scholarly publishing process. It occurs when submitted manuscripts do not meet the stringent criteria set by the journal for quality,...
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