Final year projects (FYP)

Hi all! If you’re interested in the project listed below, please get in touch with me through wassap. Thanks.

The project usually would involve

  • CAD design and assembly using Solidworks
  • Machining and fabrication using plasma cutting machine, TIG welding and CNC machine
  • Electrical and electronic circuit design using Proteus
  • PLC programming using CX-programmer
  • Electrical and electronic wiring and testing
  • Experimental calibration and preliminary testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • Actual field test measurement
  • Programming using Matlab for data analysis
  • Thesis writing using EndNote

I should say that the following projects are considerably challenging, time consuming and rewarding.


  1. Development of a low-cost laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) system for non-contact measurement of Salmonella bacteria on dried pepper berries production (taken, not available)
  2. Development of a low-cost high-precision ground penetrating radar for underground bone detection (taken, not available)
  3. Development of a motorized PLC-controlled helicograph mechanism for precise liquid dispensing of roti jala machine (available)


  1. Development of PLC-controlled electro-pneumatic system for simultaneous dispensing of multiple powders – Uzair Aiman Muazzam bin Sinin
  2. Experimental investigation on underwater laser welding of dissimilar materials – Harriet Willabelle anak Wesley


  1. Experimental investigation on dispensing characteristics of a PLC-controlled automatic powder dispensing machine – Chong Kok Choong
  2. Development of non-contact ripeness measurement of fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) – Pang Jian Chen
  3. Development of smartphone-based laser glucometer for non-invasive glucose measurement in urine – ​​Badrul Azriel bin Ramlee​


  1. Development of low-cost electrical resistance tomography for Ganoderma disease detection in oil palm trunk – Mohamad Amirul Hakimi Bin Mohd Maulana
  2. Design and manufacture of a mechanical separator for recycling of waste nappies – Muhammad Norman Bin Kamarudin
  3. Development of passive arm exoskeleton for harvesting of palm oil fruit brunch – Jayson Anak Dean
  4. Design and manufacture of a mechanical machine for sanitizing soiled nappies – Cezareus Jaujana Anak Philip Tunggok

2020/2021 (online due to covid)

  1. Multiple-objective optimization in laser cutting of carbon/Kevlar hybrid composite by grey relational analysis (GRA) – Mohamad Azren Bin Mohd Firdaus
  2. Multiple-objective optimization by ratio analysis (MOORA) in laser-assisted machining of stainless steel using sago starch-based cutting fluid – Nur Sofiah Safwanah bt Sofian


  1. Development of flexible microfluidic strain sensor for the applications in badminton sports and rehabilitation  – Brenda Santiago Anak Paris
  2. Development of compact laser glucometer for diabetes screening and monitoring – Mohd Nurul Iman bin Mohd Fouzi


  1. Development of an off-axis digital holographic microscope for ​three-dimensional (3D) microfluidics application – Hawa Ringkai
  2. Development of microfluidic strain sensor by laser micromachining for human motion monitoring – Nurul Amirah Binti Khalid


  1. Development of particle image velocimeter for two-dimensional (2D) flow field measurement in biomedical application – Fahizan Bin Mahmud​
  2. Low power laser cutting of cotton fibre laminate for electrical insulation at low voltages – Barry Lawrence Anak Mengga
  3. Development of low-cost stereo-vision system for flood mapping – Ahmad Khairul Adli Bin Mohamad

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